Gesmorent is a love story.

It might sound strange, but it really is. A story of love for oneself, for the profession, for transparency, for one’s own style and for the conviction that things, with determination, can always change and, above all, improve.

Gesmorent is born from the head, heart and work of Chechu Osinalde and like great projects are, from a need converted into an opportunity.

He, Chechu, knows every date, every move forward, every wound and every rebirth of this company that, after years of work, highs, lows, ideas and bravery, is now the undisputed leader in the sector of purchase, sale and rental of buildings, premises, plots and offices in Mallorca.

The need to sell a private house was the perfect excuse, the reason why Gesmorent was born. That sale made us realise we had found a whole new world: the industrial real estate sector.

After hours of work and study, Gesmorent managed to specialise in industrial real estate rentals.

After the warehouses came the premises. After the premises came the promotions. And then the plots.

And, like in the great love stories, we experienced a great test in the form of a recession in 2009. We had to start from scratch but, in our opinion, it was all necessary to grow much stronger, more excited and with our transparency and philosophy intact.